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Ready, Set, Go!

Posted by Flower Girl on March 8, 2012 at 12:40 PM

Welcome to the 15th Annual Gig Harbor Garden Tour blog. We hope you'll come back often to read up on all the exciting developments as this year's tour blossoms, grows, and bears its lovely fruit. 

Fifteen years! This seems like one of those milestone years in the life of any person, organization, or event. For an all-volunteer event like this one, it's gratifying to know that the tour has enjoyed such long-standing support and become such a beloved part of the Gig Harbor community.

You may think it's early yet to be calling attention to the tour; it's still more than three months away, after all. But anyone who has ever been involved in this kind of event planning knows that it takes many people spending many hours over many months to pull off a worthy fundraiser such as this.

Indeed, this year's committee is enthusiastically engaged in all the minute details--from planning the games and food for the Garden Party & Auction to gathering sponsors and producing the program that features cover art by Gig Harbor's own Kate Larsson (see the beautiful artwork above).

So, check out the Facts page for, well, all the facts as we know them to date. And be sure to mark your calendar now so you won't miss any of the fabulous gardens and supporting activities on this year's tour!


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